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Nabil, 01-10-14 16:43:
During our honeymoon in the Far East I promised my wife a tour in a car around Europe....! However on our 25th wedding anniversary and somewhat overdue I planned a smaller 10 day tour around Germany which my wife wanted to visit.
I picked up Travel Ways web site from the internet for the purpose of educating myself on how things will proceed and what service would be offered for such a trip. I never thought that when I spoke to Volker Vieth that I would be so quickly convinced to get on board and go with Travel ways.
After I spoke to Volker over the phone and explained to him what we would like in our tour I received couple of days later an outline of the tour plan to which my wife and I agreed. The tour took us through the main German cities starting front Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, through Nuremburg, Munich and back to Frankfurt from where we headed back home.
Throughout our travelling we were pleasantly surprised at every city, town or road by the charm of the locations that Volker had noted in a detailed plan schedule. Driving through the Rhine Valley, the high speed autobahn, the old churches and cathedrals with their amazing architecture the Romantic road the historic castle in Nuremberg, the charming town courtyards with restaurants and shops are but a few of magical thrilling moments. The weather was perfect so much so that I thought Volker ordered it as an extra free gift!
It was also great that Volker had made himself available all the time during our travel to give advice and information whenever we called.
I am sure that we will return for another trip to taste more of Germany's wine, beauty and learn more about its rich history and its great and hospitable people.
Jack, 30-12-13 22:31:
October 20 to October 30, 2013
A friend and I toured Germany with Volker Vieth who took us to a variety of World War II and Nazi era sites as well as picturesque alpine locations in Bavaria. We visited other places having historical significance, such as the city of Heidelberg and the old walled city of Rothenburg. Of great interest to us were the technology museums at Sinsheim, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and the Deutche Museum in Munich. Due to Volker’s persuasive powers the three of us were able to spend two nights in the Zum Turkin Hotel, which is adjacent to the site of Hitler’s vacation home, even though the hotel had closed for the winter.
While traveling between sites, mostly on various autobahn highways, Volker provided a great explanation about modern-day Germany. As an example, he explained how Germany has replaced most of its traditional electrical power plants with clean wind and photo-voltaic power generation systems. On another occasion, he explained that the old farm buildings we saw in a very isolated rural area had actually been built as a fortified farm. I had never heard of or seen a fortified farm. Volker explains things such as the various historical architectural styles as well as current day construction methods such as half-timbered construction. So taking a tour with Travel Ways is more than a tour it is a mobile political, geographical, historical and architectural seminar. The trip was a fun learning experience. Hotel accommodations and other tour logistics were arranged by Volker’s wife, Raphaela Vieth, and were all excellent. Travel Ways did a great job of selecting restaurants for us. I really enjoyed the seafood at several NordSee restaurants and at a great restaurant in Berchtesgaden.
Jim, 11-11-13 02:18:
Traveled with Volker and a friend in October 20th through October 30th of this year. This was my third tour with Volker. We toured Germany and Austria with Volker on a WWII tour and it was incredible. Volker even managed to insert additional sites along our way which were historically significant to see that were not on the original itinerary. Volker's knowledge of WWII and his knowledge of relevant sites is fantastic and his professionalism, attention to detail and personality is unmatched in the travel industry. We started in Frankfurt and traveled to Heidelberg and toured the town and the ancient castle. From there we went on to Stuttgart and toured the Mercedes Museum which was a great experience. Then on to Munich for a tour of the City and a Third Reich tour. Then we traveled to Salzburg, Austria and toured the Castle and nearby Hallien Salt Mines. Then we traveled to nearby Berchtesgaden where we spent two great nights at the famous Zum Turken Hotel and experienced the hospitality of the new owner, Frau Monika Scharfenburg. We toured Hitler's Eagles nest and the various WWII sites near Berchtesgaden and then went on to Konigsee and the lake cruise. We then traveled to nearby Ramsau to see the world famous church at Ramsau and have coffee and Strudel. Then Volker carried us to the ancient City of Rothenburg and then on to Himmler's castle at Wewesselburg, Germany. The tour was incredible and I Would never take a tour with anyone else but Volker and Raphaela Veith with Travel Ways.
Candice, 09-10-13 03:15:
This summer my husband, two daughters (27 and 22), and I spent 15 wonderful days in Germany on a private tour planned by travel ways.

Now that we are back home, it is hard to believe all the wonderful experiences we had. We sipped wine at the top of a hillside vineyard looking all the way to France. We had a private tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. We had a very special evening at the Bregenz Opera that included dinner and a backstage tour. Our girls flew down a mountainside on skyvers. They swam and splashed in icy waters in Paradise Canyon. We climbed up to the organ loft in the church at Birnau and were treated to a private concert. And there was more.

We stood at the former sites of The Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Nurnberg Nazi Rally grounds, and we felt the sobering weight of history. We stood inside St. Sebaldus Cathedral and experienced the hope and faith of a people rebuilding their lives after World War II. We learned about King Ludwig and August the Strong. We learned about the trials of a divided country. And what it means to find a chicken on top of a church steeple! We had special afternoons at the Meissen factory and the Loden Frey store. We had wonderful seats for a performance at the famous Semper Opera House. We shopped at local markets and had fun at a cuckoo clock store. The girls danced the night away at a hip Munich club. We saw palaces and parliaments. We ate breakfast in castle courtyards and later on a terrace overlooking the Alps. We ate so many amazing 3, 4, or 5 course dinners! And we laughed. And we had a chance to reconnect as a family.

Travel ways made all that happen. From the very beginning Volker and Raphaela Vieth listened closely to our hopes and wishes - and made them come true. They created an itinerary tailored perfectly for our family - just the right mix of activities to keep parents and children happy. Volker and Raphaela are the best travel guides anyone could ask for!

Volker's knowledge of Germany is astounding---and he has a special gift for sharing that knowledge. He takes textbook history and makes it come alive! His sense of humor is fun and light-hearted. His optimistic outlook on life is refreshing (No matter how much I worried, he just knew it would not rain-out our night at the opera by the lake). And Volker's skill at managing people is outstanding. I don't know anyone else who could convince my girls to be dressed, packed, fed, and ready to travel at 6:30 am - with smiles on their faces. And at the same time he was discussing German grammar, economics, and literature with my husband. It is obvious that Volker loves his work and excels at it. His joie de vivre is contagious. Each day we were eager to discover the new exciting places he would take us and the stories he would share with us.

And, Raphaela---she likes to joke that she is "only the driver." Yes, she drives the bus. But Raphaela is the true driving force behind travel ways!

She discovers and researches all the wonderful hotels, restaurants, and special programs like the Meissen lunch or the Bregenz VIP package. She cultivates relationships with small businesses and individuals that allow for the special, one-of-a-kind experiences that add so much to private tours. She makes all the tour arrangements - and somehow keeps all these arrangements filed in her head. Each day there were a million details she handled on our behalf - hotel arrivals, tour schedules, tickets, meal reservations, driving routes and the "umleitungs" that kept popping up. She managed all this with a smile...and made it look easy.

On the more personal side, Raphaela has a very special intuition about people. She listens and understands what is important to her clients. She just knows what you will like. Any time we said, "We were thinking about..." Raphaela would think a minute and then say, "We can do that!" Raphaela is such a caring person. She wants each of her clients to have the best experience possible. From the moment we arrived at the airport, Raphaela made each of us feel welcome and cared for. We all fell in love with her - but especially my daughters. She took time to give them each some individual attention. Again, she seemed to know exactly what they needed - a special smile, a joke, a snack, a sweater when they forgot theirs, a little more time in a shop, a break from their parents...Raphaela was always watching and looking out for them. She made them feel special. After we got home, both girls mentioned how much they liked Raphael! They said she was smart, kind, generous, organized, "hip", funny and fun to be with. They also both wanted to stay on her good side so that she would never want to "order them a taxi"! Ha!

Everyone should be lucky enough to take a travel ways tour with Raphaela and Volker Vieth. They handle all the details so that you can relax and really enjoy your vacation. They made my family's time in Germany magical - a trip to remember forever!
Bhanu, 24-09-13 07:01:

We left our home and flew in a plane
For thousands of miles over land and sea
To finally reach our destination
And there to greet us with smiles on their faces
Were Travel- Ways

We drove through a mighty fine land to reach a place
Where the geese were fat and the wine rose coloured
And a language that we could never pronounce
But to help us with this
Travel-Ways were there

We visited the Troglodytes and witnessed a strange ritual
Two people dancing around a table singing something about
Wanting to spend their life with a girl like you
Baba ba ba ba baba ba ba ba
And of course Travel-Ways were there

We dined and we drank and in between
We saw a few castles, walnuts being pressed
WW1 and 2 Sites
And cruised on a Gabarre
And as usual Travel-Ways were there

So Folk, if you want to have a trip of a lifetime
See strange and unusual sights
Witness local customs
And be well looked after
Make sure Travel-Ways are there

With much gratitude for an unforgettable three weeks of fun and laughter in Belgium and France.
Bhanu and Ken Hudson
Wellington, New Zealand
June 2013
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