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Candice, 16-08-12 04:17:
We are still basking in the glow from our Mediterranean adventure expertly planned by Travel ways. What an outstanding vacation! Travel ways exceeded our expectations in almost every respect.

The hotels were excellent. Luxurious and comfortable facilities. Good locations. Attentive and helpful service.

In Barcelona, El Palace Hotel was warm and inviting. Upon check-in, the concierge delivered the very useful welcome package sent ahead by Volker and Raphaella. Guide books, shopping recommendations, dining suggestions, and local transportation travel cards. Everything we needed to enjoy our stay.

And on Mallorca...our room at the Maricel Hotel was a wonderful surprise. After a conversation about all the rooms with balconies being booked, imagine my delight to find that our room had not 1, but 3 balconies and a large private terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea! Raphaella and Volker are miracle workers! We thoroughly enjoyed our evenings on the magnificent terrace listening to the waves and drinking wine. We could not have asked for more in a "home away from home."

The outstanding local guides provided by Travel ways added so much value to our experience. Knowledgeable. Professional. Personable. Sensitive to our needs and requests. At the end of our days together, we felt as if we had been touring with friends.

And the restaurants selected by Travel ways...wow. Each meal was wonderful...better than the one before. And the settings were perfect. Near the Cathedral in Palma with a view of the water. Beachside in Port du Soller. But the dinner at the Angel Bodegas winery was so far above and beyond our expectations...I can hardly describe it. When we saw the single table, set with white linen, flowers, and just 3 place settings in the marvelous (and somehow so Spanish) courtyard, we were overwhelmed. To speak with the owner, and be served a delicious meal, surrounded by the vines...the light, the air, the sounds, the smells. I don't have the words to adequately describe the experience. A night to remember in the years to come.

We are back to reality now...Bill is back at the office. I am running the washing machine and working in my poor garden that was neglected while I was gone. But I keep thinking about our time in Spain. I still hear the waves in my head. I look at the photos I took and am reminded of what a special and magical vacation it was. Travel ways made it happen!

My next European vacation will definitely be with Travel ways.
Jim, 14-05-12 03:34:
My wife and I just took another tour with Volker and Raphaela Vieth and their puppy Summer in May of this year. The tour was the best yet and we're still amazed with Volker and his wife's knowledge of the sites and places we visited. The professionalism, combined with their humor and warmth is unsurpassed in the travel profession. You cannot take a tour with them without becoming friends with them as we have. I wouldn't think of taking a tour with anyone else but them. I highly recommend them for a unique and rewarding travel experience.
Jim And Cathy, 03-08-11 01:58:
My wife and I have gone on two tours with Volker and experienced his vast knowledge, sense of humor,honesty, kind and considerate character and attention to detail first hand. We are already planning to return in 2012 and let Volker take us on another tour of the Netherlands, Belgium and France. You aven't experienced an outstanding tour until you allow Volker to take you on one.
Claude + Françoise, 12-06-11 13:56:
Auch deutchsprachige sind zufrieden mit travel-ways !
Seit über 20 Jahren organisisieren nunmehr Raphaela + Volker unsere Reisen rund um den Globus, als geführte Gruppenreise ebenso wie als Individualtour nach unseren persönlichen Wünschen. Ob in den Boomtowns dieser Erde oder dem Urwald Madagascars, die beiden haben immer die richtigen Kontakte und Empfehlungen und machen unsere Touren zu unvergesslichen Erlebnissen, bei denen wir uns vor allen Dingen um die Organisation vor Ort keine Gedanken mehr machen müssen, denn das erledigen die beiden im Vorfeld in Perfektion für uns. Wir können den Service von travel-ways für alle Gernreisenden nur wärmstens empfehlen.
Stevie, 10-02-11 20:23:
I have had the pleasure of taking 5 separate and unique journeys with travel-ways. The following is a brief description of each.

My initial tour with travel-ways was under unusual circumstances. On an earlier trip to Germany my mother and I found a beautiful area in the Black Forest. She decided right then and there that when she passed away, she wanted a private memorial service to be held in that exact location. After her passing I contacted travel-ways. Somehow, someway they were able to locate the exact spot. I came to Germany alone and travel-ways took great care of me. The memorial service was perfect and I was able to find peace.

My second trip with travel-ways couldn’t have been more different. I traveled through Germany with 120 Americans. We traveled on 3 custom coaches. This was by no means your typical bus tour. We dined in old, renovated castles, in a micro-brewery where we learned about making beer from the owner, in a winery restaurant where we were treated to a wonderful wine tasting, and in an interesting restaurant that had been previously a church, a brothel and a USO club. On the first night we arrived at a new hotel, we were met by hotel staff who held trays with a room key for every client or couple. We could just pick up our key and go directly to our room. Our luggage, of course, was delivered shortly after. Because travel-ways sends a staff member in advance of the coaches, everything is ready prior to our arrival. Our farewell dinner was held in a castle high on a mountain. We marched from the coaches with torches, sang to the gatekeeper for permission to enter, were treated to a special dinner and, finally, serenaded by a German men’s choir. What a special tour it was!

My husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren (one was 2 year old and the other was only 6 months old) accompanied me to Germany. My son-in-law is an avid soccer fan and desperately wanted to see the US play in the World Cup tournament in 2006. As you can imagine traveling with a toddler and infant can be challenging. However, it was no problem for travel-ways. They created an itinerary with the children in mind. We didn’t travel too far at any given time. The tour even included a trip to an open-air museum and an amusement park for the toddler. Several times along the way travel-ways changed the itinerary on the fly to accommodate the needs of the little ones.
Because travel-ways contacted locals for the transportation to and from the soccer game, getting in and out of the stadium was a snap. Again, travel-ways came through with a perfect tour for our family.

My fourth tour with travel-ways was a romantic trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. My husband and I stayed in a beautiful villa atop Positano with the travel-ways staff. The coast roads are very narrow and winding. Our driver was commended by the locals as handling the twists and turns as a native of Positano would. To show how travel-ways goes that extra mile, when we toured a winery we were accompanied by a sommelier from a local restaurant and when we visited Pompeii we had an historian as our guide. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Our last tour was to France. We were accompanied by 2 very good friends who had never been out of the US. They felt safe and well cared for from the moment they stepped off the plane. We saw several very diverse castles, a beautiful old pirate village, Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy and, of course, Paris. Again, there were 3 local guides to provide us with inside information in many of the areas we toured.

Needless to say, I would not consider traveling anywhere in Europe with anyone other than travel-ways and are looking forward to our next great adventure !!!
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