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Stevie, 05-06-10 00:02:
I have had the pleasure of taking 5 separate and unique journeys with travel-ways. The following is a brief description of each.

My initial tour with travel-ways was under unusual circumstances. On an earlier trip to Germany my mother and I found a beautiful area in the Black Forest. She decided right then and there that when she passed away, she wanted a private memorial service to be held in that exact location. After her passing I contacted travel-ways. Somehow, someway they were able to locate the exact spot. I came to Germany alone and travel-ways took great care of me. The memorial service was perfect and I was able to find peace.

My second trip with travel-ways couldn’t have been more different. I traveled through Germany with 120 Americans. We traveled on 3 custom coaches. This was by no means your typical bus tour. We dined in old, renovated castles, in a micro-brewery where we learned about making beer from the owner, in a winery restaurant where we were treated to a wonderful wine tasting, and in an interesting restaurant that had been previously a church, a brothel and a USO club. On the first night we arrived at a new hotel, we were met by hotel staff who held trays with a room key for every client or couple. We could just pick up our key and go directly to our room. Our luggage, of course, was delivered shortly after. Because travel-ways sends a staff member in advance of the coaches, everything is ready prior to our arrival. Our farewell dinner was held in a castle high on a mountain. We marched from the coaches with torches, sang to the gatekeeper for permission to enter, were treated to a special dinner and, finally, serenaded by a German men’s choir. What a special tour it was!

My husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren (one was 2 year old and the other was only 6 months old) accompanied me to Germany. My son-in-law is an avid soccer fan and desperately wanted to see the US play in the World Cup tournament in 2006. As you can imagine traveling with a toddler and infant can be challenging. However, it was no problem for travel-ways. They created an itinerary with the children in mind. We didn’t travel too far at any given time. The tour even included a trip to an open-air museum and an amusement park for the toddler. Several times along the way travel-ways changed the itinerary on the fly to accommodate the needs of the little ones.
Because travel-ways contacted locals for the transportation to and from the soccer game, getting in and out of the stadium was a snap. Again, travel-ways came through with a perfect tour for our family.

My fourth tour with travel-ways was a romantic trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. My husband and I stayed in a beautiful villa atop Positano with the travel-ways staff. The coast roads are very narrow and winding. Our driver was commended by the locals as handling the twists and turns as a native of Positano would. To show how travel-ways goes that extra mile, when we toured a winery we were accompanied by a sommelier from a local restaurant and when we visited Pompeii we had an historian as our guide. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Our last tour was to France. We were accompanied by 2 very good friends who had never been out of the US. They felt safe and well cared for from the moment they stepped off the plane. We saw several very diverse castles, a beautiful old pirate village, Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy and, of course, Paris. Again, there were 3 local guides to provide us with inside information in many of the areas we toured.

Needless to say, I would not consider traveling anywhere in Europe with anyone other than travel-ways and are looking forward to our next great adventure !!!

Stevie Schmidt –Mettawa, IL.
Helga, 02-06-10 20:11:
I met Volker Vieth on a Globus tour (2005) where I was impressed with his handling of two crises and was happy to learn that he and his wife are also owners of a small travel company accommodating clients with individual travel plans. Since then we have travelled twice with travel-ways and are embarking on our third tour with them.

It works like this: we come up with an idea for regional travel and suggest the towns to be visited while travel-ways works out the route, books accommodations, provides transport and guiding services. Where available local guides are hired. Our first tour (2006) took us to brick Gothic architecture in towns on one of the Hanseatic trade routes leading from Berlin to Luebeck, visiting small towns that had changed little since 1945 being located in the economic backwater of the GDR. The second tour started in Munich (2008) proceeding to the imperial cities of Regensburg and Augsburg, on to the source of the Danube near Blaubeuren, the famed churches of Weingarten and Zwiefalten, finally swinging over to Donauwoerth where we entered the Romantic Road.

Both tours were professionally managed and economical, providing exemplary service and fulfilling all contract obligations. I will gladly respond to inquiries. Helga Brennan, Silver Spring, Maryland.
Eugene, 15-05-10 00:49:
Wunderbahr. I enjoy reading about my friends. As one who has been on a tour with Voelker and one who has traveled with many tours, Voelker is the best tour guide Carol and O have traveled with. He is tireless in his service to his clients and his sense of humor makes the long travel times much more enjoyable.
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