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Ramon and Jacquelyn, 20-08-17 06:09:
We met Volker and Rafaela during the Reformation Tour with Pastor Lutzer from The Moody Church in Chicago in 2016, this tour was so well organized that prompted us to want to travel with them again.
We asked Volker if he could plan a trip for us.
We mentioned Belgium as the base of operations, to our amazement, in a very short period of time we received an outline of what appeared to be a magical trip. It would include Belgium, Paris the Loire and the Perigord.
Included visits to monuments, castles, battle fields, vacation areas,huntng lodges, beer tasting, degustation of magnificent wines and delicious food, river cruising and touring in vintage cars.
We were able to get to all the venues using a van, expertly driven by Rafaela, comments, explanation and descriptions by Volker and a group of selected private tour guides that were excellent as well.
All the activities were kept under a well panned schedule and if for any reason there was something that might alter that schedule, Rafaela and Volker always had the right connections to modify the activities in a way that would not affect the original plan.
As a team they are a well tuned machine, not your usual machine , this team has a soul, they are personable, understanding, sensitive to the "clients" needs. No hidden fees and no "surprises".
They become part of the group. Very soon after the tour starts they feel like family, they compliment each other in a magnificent manner.
There is nothing like experiencing a private tour especially when you are taken care by an expert. With Travel Ways you are in good hands.
We highly recommend Travel Ways, Rafaela and Volker will make your dream trip come true.
With Travel Ways you always have two options, "The good one and The better one".
Jim, 17-12-15 03:01:
In November, 2015 a friend and I toured northern Germany with Volker and had a wonder time and a very educational experience. Nobody in the tour industry does a better job of explaining the sites and the history behind them than Volker does. His dedication to making his tours an unforgettable experience for his clients is unsurpassed in the travel business. His wife, Raphaela handled the behind the scenes while Volker traveled with us. We visited the miniature Wonderland in Hamburg and that was amazing as well as the harbor tour. Then we went on to Bremerhaven and Keil, Germany where we toured a WWII German submarines. After that we spend 8 days in Berlin where we toured various WWII sites. We also visited Bogensee, the site of Josef Goebbels home, which still remains today. He hired an architecture student to take us on a tour of what was communist east Berlin where we got to see the difference in communist architecture and western Berlin architecture. In addition, many other sites were toured including Checkpoint "Charlie" and the German History Museum and Templehof Airport. It was not our first tour with Volker and Travel Ways and it won't be the last. I highly recommend you check them out before you dare to book your next tour. You won't be disappointed. Merry Christmas to Volker, Raphaela and Ingrid and the Dogs..
Gordy & Nada, 19-10-15 23:20:
TRAVEL-WAYS far exceeded our every expectation! Our tour to Scotland with Raphaela and Volker was a custom-made creation to meet our personal desires and, not a one size fits all. Their attention to detail left no surprises or disappointment. The itinerary included a perfect mix of historic sights, country scenes, castle tours, interesting rural hotels and a dose of tourist "must see experience." Additionally, TRAVEL-WAYS located interesting visits to museums of specific interest to us as well as a steam engine train ride! TRAVEL-WAYS listened and heard what we wanted to see and developed the specific tour to include what we wanted to see and even more by adding the unusual and the unexpected. Thank you Raphaela and Volker for the wonderful memories we have of Scotland.
Gordy and Nada Geddes
Jennifer, 18-07-15 02:01:
My family had the trip of a lifetime this past May with Volker and Raphaela. I cannot recommend a better set of travel guides and people. For my Father's 70th Birthday, we continued a Historical World War II trip we stared 10 years earlier in Normandy. The focus for this trip was Operation Market Garden. Over 6 days we visited The Netherlands, arriving in Amsterdam, Luxenberg and Germany to learn about the battle in the Hurgarten Forest (a piece of history none of my family knew about and was recommended by Raphaela and Volker). Unlike the rest of my family, I am not a historian. Raphaela and Volker were able to create the perfect balance so that our trip was not only fascinating in the historical component but also relaxing. They took care of all of us and were able to anticipate all of our different needs. Our accommodations were incredible and every place they recommended for dining were amazing. The guides that they were able to find for the different parts of the historical trip were top notch. For example, our guide on one part of our trip was a man who survived operation market garden after being rescued by US soldiers in the 101st Airborne. This Man's first hand knowledge, historical perspective and gratitude was an experience I will always be grateful to have shared. Raphaela and Volker work together as an incredible team, their knowledge and professionalism gave us the gift of a perfect family travel experience! For that I will be forever grateful to both of them.
Warren & Nina, 27-10-14 15:25:
Early in 2014, we contacted Volker and Raphaela to assist us with a month long trip to France. There were a number of villages we wanted to visit - several of which we couldn't find on a large map of France. We had trouble finding lodging in a number of small villages. We weren't familiar with cross country driving times between areas of interest to us. We needed help.

Volker and Raphaela were very helpful in making this adventure through the heart of France a smashing success for us. In addition to finding great lodging (from a farm house B&B to a Michelin rated Chateau), they gave us options to explore if we had time and chose to do so. They took our thoughts and ideas and created a trip that we'll talk about for a lifetime. Friends who have visited France can't believe our experiences compared to theirs.

We were very fortunate to have had Travel-Ways help a couple of years earlier in planning a late trip to Germany during the height of Europe's vacation season. That trip with family was also a great success.

We're discussing our next European adventure. Volker, Raphaela and Travel-Ways will be right in the middle of planning it. The little touches they bring to everything "make the difference".

Thanks once again.

Warren & Nina
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