Self Drive Tours

Germany – Austria – Italy – France - so much to explore -

Experience European countries in a unique way - Selfdrive Tours.

  • Why take a tour that does not meet all your expectations?
  • Why not have a selfdrive tour tailor made just for you?

Send us an e-mail describing your interests. Be specific regarding the cities/areas you wish to visit, your preference for accommodations and meals, the length of your stay, the number of people travelling in your party and any special needs you or your group may have.

We will then create your personal selfdrive tour that meets all your expectations.
We work out an itinerary for you, find the best rental car deal, reserve all your accommodation and supply you with tour information about sights, restaurants, etc.
When problems occur – simply phone our hotline. Travel independently but with the “backup” of the travel ways headquarter.

Don’t hesitate - request your selfdrive tour by e-mail now.

email info(at)

phone +49 (0) 2253 960 802