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Dear Lutheran Pastor,

why should you take your congregation on a Reformation Tour with us to Europe this year?


Why travel?

In the Pandemic years travel to Europe was not possible. Now it is safe again. Travel means to open your mind and heart to unknown countries and cultures, explore unknown areas, hear the sound of unknown languages, learn about different  lifestyles, politics,  habits and religious streams.

Why faith based travel?

The foundation of the churches of America lies in Europe. Reformers like Martin Luther, John Knox and Jean Calvin did not only have an enormous impact on the history of Europe but also gave birth to new doctrines of faith that spread all over America.

Your congregation will understand historic events like the Reformation much better while standing in the room where Luther translated the bible than reading a history book at home. On a faith based tour they experience where it all happened under the guidance of their own pastor and an experienced tour director and spiritual leader.

Why faith based travel with us?

Since 25 years we do not only show our clients places of religious significance. In little steps of history lessons, we make them understand the historical coherences that led to different „Reformations“ in Europe and what were the consequences for America.

There has never been a better time to visit places of religious history. With us your congregation will meet European pastors and their congregations, non-profit organizations, religious teachers and scholars so that they learn every day. And they will enjoy beautiful scenery and the knowledge of our experienced and dedicated tour directors. We are looking forward to host you in Europe.

Interested? Want to see some of our tours? Please send an email to