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About Us | travel ways
About Us | travel ways

About Us

travel ways is your professional partner for guided trips to Europe, specializing in historical and faith based travels.

Why travel with us?

travel ways is your experienced partner for guided tours to Europe, specializing in leisure and faith based travel for individuals, families, maller and larger groups.

What sets us apart from other tour companies?
Apart from a handful of set tours

We create unique tours – That is our passion
We customize exactly the tour that makes your dreams come true.

Reformation Wall in the Parc des Bastions | travel ways

Your contacts

Raphaela Vieth & Volker Vieth

Raphaela & Volker Vieth | travel ways

Raphaela Vieth

She knows every single detail about our travel ways tours and is responsible for all your questions. In more then 25 years of experience in tourism & tour guiding is Raphaela in charge of creating regular and exclusive programs for our private tours and our group tours. She is responsible for our freelancer guides and of course she takes care of our clients before and during the tours.
Her clients enjoy the relaxed atmosphere she creates. In the office, she is called “The Brain” because she never forgets a single detail.

Volker Vieth

As a manager and owner of a full-service travel agency, Volker was ready for a change after twenty years. Along the way, he worked as a tour guide for several large American tour operators, leading tours throughout Europe. Today, he is the leading tour director at travel ways. His responsibilities include selecting suitable bus companies, tour directors, local guides, and excursions. His clients enjoy his vast knwledge of European history and culture. Volker spends more time on the road than at home. One of his friends once said, “He doesn’t need a home; he lives in a bus.”

“Travel far enough
and you meet yourself.”

David Mitchell