Medieval German town of Rothenburg | travel ways
Medieval German town of Rothenburg | travel ways
Medieval German town of Rothenburg | travel ways

Medieval German town | Rothenburg

Selfdrive Tour

See Germany in 10 Days

A private self drive tour

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Day 1


Arrive at Frankfurt Airport with Lufthansa at 6:35 a.m. After having passed customs and passport control at Terminal 1, proceed to your rental car counter to check-in for your car. Drive from the airport to the centre of Frankfurt (14 km – 30 min). The travel ways tour book will describe a walk through the centre of Germany’s banking capital and shopping paradise.

There is a trade fair going on in Frankfurt and the city will be very crowded. You may enjoy to leave Frankfurt and drive out into the countryside – the real countryside (80 km – 1 hour, regular road).
Amidst the lush forests of Germany’s largest National Park you will find a former Benedictine Monastery which today is a romantic Historic Hotel with two excellent restaurants.

Enjoy the historic buildings and take a walk in the surrounding forests and relax after your long flight. Overnight Historic Hotel

Day 2


Drive via Wiesbaden into the Rhine Valley. Past the vineyards of the famous Riesling Wines to the city of Ruedesheim. Follow the banks of the River Rhine through numerous little wine towns and endless vineyards. Your travel ways tour book tells you where to have a wine tasting and visit a castle. In Coblence you will have a lunchbreak in a beer garden restaurant at the conflux of the rivers Rhine and Moselle (180 km – 2 hours – half highway, half regular road). Next you will see the remains of the famous Bridge of Remagen, (photo stop 10 minutes) which played an important role in WW II.
Before you reach today’s final destination, you will stop in the city of Cologne. Take a walk through the medieval centre of the city to the awesome Gothic Cathedral (130 km – 1h, 30 min).

As there is a trade fair going on in Cologne, you proceed to Düsseldorf for overnight, an hour drive away, which is Germany’s fashion capital city (130 km – 1h 30 min – all highway).
Overnight in Duesseldorf.

Day 3


Duesseldorf is capital of the German federal State of North Rhine Westfalia, also the german capital of fashion and besides an exciting shopping street features a lot of interesting places to see and things to do. Learn more in the travel ways tour book.
Today is a leisure day for you. Enjoy being in Duesseldorf without having to drive.
Overnight in Duesseldorf.

Day 4


This morning drive north through german lowlands – dairy country – all green but flat. Arrive in Germany’s most important and biggest port city situated by the banks of the River Elbe, about an hour away from the North Sea (420 km – 4 h 30 minutes – all highway). Hamburg has a long history. In the architecture you see different styles going back to different ages. Wherever you walk you cross canals or rivers or you are by the bank of lakes.

unique event takes place each evening – The “Light Organ of Planten & Bloemen” A piano player on a „light piano“ plays 762 search lights and 99 fountains accompanied by another pianist playing classic music. The fountains reach a height of 36 meters. The travel ways tour book gives you a lot of ideas where to go & what to do.
Overnight in Hamburg

Day 5


From Hamburg you will travel through Northern Germany to Berlin, capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (300 km – 3h 30 – all highway).
After the German Reunification 25 years ago Berlin became the new political capital of the reunited Germany and Europe’s most astounding and breathtaking blend of the historic and modern lifestyles. Your hotel is close to the historical “Check-Point-Charlie” dating back to the time of the Cold War.

Overnight stay in Berlin.

Day 6


All day in Berlin. The travel ways tour book will guide you through this exciting city with a lot of recommendation for unusual sights, lunch stops, museums, exhibitions and special places for dinner. As your hotel is situated in the “New Centre” – meaning the centre of Berlin that was restored after the wall came down, you have everything close by – cultural highlights, shopping and a very good scene of bars and restaurants of all kind. 20 km – or take local subway
Overnight in Berlin.

Day 7


Early departure from Berlin. Drive through former East Germany to Leipzig. Stop at the famous St. Thomas Church, where the German composer Bach lived and worked. You will also see Nikolai Church, where the East German liberation movement started before the wall came down. (180 km – 1h45 – all highway) (suggested time in Leipzig 1h 30 min).

In the afternoon continue to Nuremberg. Take time to admire the medieval fortification walls. See where WWII history was made: such as Soldiers Field and where Hitler paraded thousands of his soldiers during the Nazi Regime (260 km – 3 hrs – all highway). Overnight stay in Nuremberg.

If you want to leave out Leipzig, go straight through from Berlin to Nuremberg (433 km – 4 hours – all highway).

Day 8


Leave Nuremberg for the medieval city of Rothenburg (100 km 1 hour – highway) – one of the most beautiful of Germany’s historic cities. Walk the cobblestone lanes. View the 16th century houses. Shop in the wonderful boutiques, especially at the famous Christmas Ornaments Store.
In the afternoon you will travel on the Romantic Road, passing farms, meadows and forests and quaint villages. In late afternoon arrive in Munich, the capital of Bavaria (240 km – 2h15 all highway). If you want to leave Rothenburg out, go straight through from Nuremberg to Munich (180 km – 2 hours – all highway).

During your stay Munich celebrates the famous “Oktoberfest” – the largest beer festival in the world. This is why the city is very well booked, but we offer you a ****star hotel 6 Kilometers outside the city centre for you to stay.
Overnight stay in Munich.

Day 9


Take an English speaking walking tour of Munich the morning (to be paid extra) . Maybe later go to one of the world’s most famous museums – the “Deutsche Museum” and/or pay a visit to the famous „Pinakothek“ – a gallery where you will see paintings of the Old European Masters (admission to be paid extra).

For lunch go to the famous market “Viktualienmarkt” and see all the local Bavarian produce and Mediterranean spices and oils and fruit.
The travel ways tour book tells you more about going out for dinner.
Overnight in Munich.

Day 10


Today leave Munich early in the morning and head for Frankfurt. If you are interested we could lead you via Stuttgart and you visit the Mercedes Benz Museum and exhibition.Or you go via Heidelberg and spend some time in Germany’s oldest university town with the big red castle towering high above the town.

Tonight – back in Frankfurt – we accommodate you outside of Frankfurt in the vicinity of the airport, so that you can return your rental tomorrow morning and have easy access to the airport.
The gigantic castle of Heidelberg (inside admission to be paid extra) is the last highlight of this tour before you return to Frankfurt in the evening (290 km – 3 hrs 15 min, all highway). (Castle visit 1h 20 min) From Heidelberg to Frankfurt (80 km – 1 hour, all highway).

Day 11

End of Tour

Drive to the airport and return your rental car. Take your homebound flight.

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“Travel far enough
and you meet yourself.”

David Mitchell